FAQ - MaxViso


FAQ - MaxViso

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What is MaxViso ?

MaxViso is software that converts formats of video files; it can convert diverse kinds of video files into MPEG, WMV or AVI formats.



How much is MaxViso?

Our Price is$19.95!


How can I get MaxViso?

For ordering information, please go to http://www.lacoj.com.

Buy MaxViso, click "Buy" button in the software.



What are the installation requirements?

MaxViso requires the following minimum configuration to run:

* Windows XP or Windows 2000

* Pentium-II 450 MHz or faster processor

* At least 64 MB of RAM



How to install MaxViso?

To install "MaxViso", you should:

1. Download the installation files (Setup.exe) to a location onto your hard drive (e.g., C:\windows\desktop).

2. Double click the Setup.exe icon to run the installation program.

3. Follow the instructions step by step to install MaxViso.

4. Done! The software has been installed in your system directory.



What is the procedure of registration?

Upon the receipt of your registration fee we will send you a register code by e-mail. Then you can use this register code to register MaxViso. Click "About" on the top of the software and click register, fill in the name and the code, then click Register.



Should I pay for upgrading?

Upgrading is absolutely free for all registered users!



Should I pay by credit card?

Paying by credit card is the fastest way to get your register code. And we have other payment options available.



Does the trial of version MaxViso have any limitations?

Yes, the trial version can be used 15 days only.


How to convert video files to DVD with MaxViso?

MaxViso is very easy to use!

a. Double click the Desktop ICON and run MaxViso.

b. Click "folder" button, select a source file, and then "Open".

c. Select "MPEG", "wmv" or "avi" button as you need.

d. Set a target file and click "convert".

e. When it finishes a message of "Conversion completed successfully" will be popped up.

Congratulations! You have done it!



How to upgrade?

Just uninstall the old version of MaxViso and install the new version. No partly upgrading files for MaxViso!



How to uninstall MaxViso?

To remove MaxViso software from your system, please click "Add/Remove Programs" in control panel in Windows.



Does MaxViso work on Linux system? What about Macintosh and other OS?

MaxViso works on Microsoft Windows XP or 2000 only. It doesn't work on Linux or others.

But it might work on some Windows emulators in other OS.



What file formats does MaxViso support?

Formats supported are: MPEG files (*.MPEG*. mpeg*.vob*.dat), AVI files (*.avi*.divx) , Windows Media Files (*.wmv *.wma *.asf) , Real Media Files (*.rm *.rmvb *.ram) , Quick Time Media Files (*.mov *.qt)



Can I order the CD-ROM version of MaxViso?

Sure, you can. Please go to the order page. Then select "CD-ROM" at Delivery and pay for the shipment handle fee. Then you will get the CD-ROM version of MaxViso.



How long does it usually take to convert a file?

It depends on the format, size of the files, PC configurations and its speed. During the test, it took about 6 min to convert a 60M, 20 min RMVB format video file into a 32M WMV file on a 256M P4 PC. F.Y.I.



What does this message mean? "The file cannot be read! Please make sure to install right Decoder. For MOV files Quick Time will be needed. For RM and RMVB files RealOne will be needed."

There are two possibilities if the file cannot be read. First, the file has a special format or it has been damaged; second, you haven't installed a suitable decoder. Please install "quick time" and "real one", and then try again.



What software should be installed to enjoy the full function of MaxViso?

QuickTime and RealOne. After installing the two, the function of MaxViso can be fully displayed.



What file formats can MaxViso convert?

It can create Mpeg, WMV and AVI files.



What does the following message mean while converting files into MPEGand WMV formats? "The file cannot be read. Please check whether the format can be decompressed on this computer. Make sure that the necessary codec to decompress the file is available."

It shows the decoding can't be done correctly. We recommend you install "quick time" and "realone" to try again. In some cases, it fails to convert due to the special format of the file.



What does the following message mean while converting files into AVI format? "The conversion is denied. Maybe the source file cannot be decompressed. Or maybe the selected encoder is not compatible. Please check the source file format, or change another encoder."

In such cases, the source file cannot be decoded, or the encoder does not support AVI files. Please try to adopt different encoding methods in a certain setting.



Is there any restriction to the width and length of the video while converting files into MPEGand AVI formats?

The length is limited to 10-1280 and the width 10-1024. It will be pointless for a larger or smaller setting. We recommend it should be no more than 720 * 576, otherwise it may take too long to encode or miss frames when your PC configuration is low.

The ratio of length and width of MPEG should be an integral multiple of 8, which has been programmed to get an according number nearest to your input number.



Which codec should I choose while creating AVI files?

We suggest you to choose "DivX Codec" or "XviD MPEG-4 Codec" as the video codec, and "MPEG Layer-3" as audio codec. As a result, the AVI files created will be quite small, and of good quality. If there is no "DivX Codec" or "XviD MPEG-4 Codec" in the codec list, please go to download it from a relevant website.