Bug Repporting

LACOJ recognizes that your feedback is a valuable source of information for continuous product improvements. To enable this communication channel, LACOJ provides a bug reporting form as a service to LACOJ partners and customers without a Service Agreement. If you would like to report a potential bug on any LACOJ product, we welcome your bug submission by e-mail. Upon receipt of your bug report, an e-mail acknowledgment containing a Bug identification number (ID) will be sent. This is a bug reporting service only and submitting a technical problem will not enable you to receive technical support.

Search the Installation Knowledge Center

Please search the Center to see if the bug information,you wish to raise to our attention, is already available in the Center.

Submit a new LACOJ product bug report

Submit additional bug information (must have the Bug ID#)

Note: LACOJ customers who have an Active Service Agreement with Support Services should use established reporting methods to report a suspected bug.

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Support Services

LACOJ offers a broad portfolio of Technical Support Services tailored to the needs of partners and end users; with support centers located in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, and staffed by LACOJ's highly skilled support engineers.




Available to our customers anytime anywhere is our 24x7 Self-help support web site.