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System requirements:
Size / OS: 3.75 MB, Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 Requirements: 64 MB RAM, Pentium-II 450 MHz

The CD-R/RW disks made by our software can be displayed with any DVD/VCD player supporting CD-R/RW, not necessarily with your PC. And when the player is connected with your TV, you can enjoy the photos with your beloved just like revisiting an old-time acquaintance. It can't be anything more pleasant!!

Our software can convert your favorite photos to a VCD pictures show and archive your digital pictures on a long-lasting CD which is playable on any DVD/VCD players.

Please cherish the wonderful memories of the past beautiful days!

The best way to retain the wonderful moments is to take photos. Every time you look at the old-time photos, you are reminded of those beautiful memories of the past. 
But most old-time photos are made of films when digital cameras were not as widely available as nowadays. And these traditional photos cannot be kept lifelong. With the photos getting older and older, those precious memories fade away. What a pity! And does it ever occur to your mind to save them forever and treasure up the wonderful memories forever?

Now, with PHOTO2CD, your dilemma can be solved easily in a higher speed. Theoretically, the VCD (SVCD) made by PHOTO2CD can save your photo for at least 100 years and what is more important is, they can be just the same as the original ones!

Supper easy to use!

Maybe you ever used some softwares before and got puzzled by those complicated instructions. Now, everything is different! You can forget those complicated buttons or parameters and try our PHOTO2CD! And you are to be surprised to find PHOTO2CD is the easiest software in market, for three steps is sure to bring you the desired PHOTO VCDs.