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Working Together in the "Digital Life Generation"

Partnering for Success in the Era of Convergence
The convergence of the telecommunications, consumer electronics, content and information technology markets is fundamentally changing the way people consume and manage information, both in their personal and business lives. In this new world of interconnected media and ubiquitous connectivity, information is accessed in any place, any time and any way, enabling a truly digital lifestyle.
This lifestyle is fueled by the emergence of the next-generation networks and a new class of products and services, based on open platforms and software. In this environment, where interoperability, accessibility and flexibility are key drivers, it is vital that companies work together.
Only through partnership will companies create the solutions and seamless customer experience that unleash the full market potential of the "Digital Life Generation".
To help make these new partnerships a reality, LACOJ has formed the LACOJ Connect Ecosystem, a partner program that brings together leading companies in the telecommunications, consumer electronics and media industries. Its goal is to drive market leadership of integrated solutions and services developed by LACOJ and its global partners.

Partnering with LACOJ

LACOJ delivers unifying technology platforms for today's interconnected digital lifestyle
LACOJ is a leading global provider of advanced software technologies for the multimedia solutions